Johannes De'Gir

Bodyguard to the Laesa's Seattle Strategos


TYPE – Networking / Support
PAYMENT – Services / Cash

Personality Traits:

  • Loyal
  • Intense
  • Intimidating

What Motivates Me?
De’Gir has had some drek done to him and put on his plate in the past. He’s been done wrong and abused. However, his sense of loyalty and duty keeps him getting up every day, strapping on his Predator, putting on a suit, and doing his job.

Gut Reactions:

  • Good News – A satisfied nod of the head. De’Gir is rarely seen getting excited.
  • Bad News – If it is a subordinate delivering bad news about failure, then he will be very intense and use intimidation tactics. Intimidation is a useful tool to De’Gir and he has even been known to severely wound or kill a non-syndicate worker if he deems them a liability.
  • Violence – De’Gir is a bodyguard with a background as a mercenary and assassin. Violence is in his blood. His position requires that he try to anticipate and avoid violent situations, but he is eager to fight when he sees it as the best option.
    Long Term Goals: De’Gir wants to clear his name of any suspicion that he attempted to work for Lone Star to undermine the Rinelle ke’Tesrae. This is his main reason for helping Yonkers, as he sees him as a friend and asset in helping him do so.

Relationship to Characters: Old mentor to Yonkers.

When Did Players Meet: Yonkers was his young protege back in the early 2050’s.

Home: Tarislar, Puyallup, Seattle, UCAS

Workplace: Bodyguard to Olga Grey-Feather (Seattle Strategos of the Laesa). Prefers to have meetings in a back room in the Daisy Chain.


  • ´╗┐Yonkers – 3

Johannes De'Gir

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