Old Johnny Nox

An anxious and cowardly gun dealer from the Crime Mall


TYPE – Swag
PAYMENT – Cash / Barter

Personality Traits:

  • Boisterous
  • Aims to Please
  • Cowardly

What Motivates Me?
Cool Gear.
Johnny Nox loves what he does. He wheels and deals and he loves his guns and ammo. He’ll talk for days about the sweet gas vent mod that some troll put on an Ares Alpha. His mouth will water when someone tells him about the SotA laser pistol they got to test out last month. He is more than willing to accept trade instead of cash if it is something that is hard to get a hold of.

Gut Reactions:

  • Good News – Very excitable. Big smiles, laughing, and nodding.
  • Bad News – Nervous and anxious. While Johnny Nox may work in the shadows, he’s still not quite use to it. He is always afraid of getting into trouble with the law or the wrong customers.* Violence – Johnny will throw his own mother into the line of fire if it means getting himself the frag out of there. He will run and not look back for miles.
    Long Term Goals: Johnny Nox would like to get himself out of the Crime Mall. It makes him nervous to work there, but he hasn’t worked up the contacts or saved the money to get a store front.

Relationship to Characters: Yonkers has used him for weapons in the past.

When Did Players Meet: Yonkers used him for weapons when he first got to Seattle.

Home: Puyallup, Seattle, UCAS

Workplace: Crime Mall, Puyallup, Seattle, UCAS


  • ´╗┐Yonkers – 1

Old Johnny Nox

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