Smuggler whose boat and crew were stolen from him.


TYPE – Swag / Shadow Services
PAYMENT – Cash / Services

Personality Traits:

  • Angry
  • Unforgiving
  • Intimidating

What Motivates Me?
Malibu worked for Ricardo as a man of his smuggling crew. After the Amazonia-Aztlan war broke out, Malibu stole Ricardo’s ship and crew and left him in the dust. Ricardo, having lost everything, is hunting down Malibu and looking for revenge.

Gut Reactions:

  • Good News – Celebration with some tequila.
  • Bad News – Violence. Nobody likes to be near Ricardo when he receives bad news.
  • Violence – Ricardo will grab the nearest weapon (usually some pistol or shotgun he’s carrying himself) and start using it to teach anyone around him that he is not a to be messed with.

Long Term Goals: Before his ship was stolen, Ricardo was happy to be doing work that put him sailing the seas. Now his only goal is to make Malibu pay…

Relationship to Characters: Mortal enemy of Malibu.

When Did Players Meet: Malibu worked for him as a crewman on his smuggling ship.

Home: Costa Rica, Aztlan

Workplace: None. He is in Costa Rica looking to find a way to get to Malibu.


  • ´╗┐Malibu – 1


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